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Pro3K Aim Sight & Spy Advanced New Features.

Our latest Pro3K upgrade is READY!! We have been working on ways to get you more from your AimCam. We are delighted to inform you the new features are ready this week via a new App and a software update pre-loaded on a 16GB micro SD card . Your brand new features are… Aim Sight 🎯 & Spy Mode 👀!!

Backwards completable on all Pro3K models. 

Aim Sight- select in the App to embed a Red Cross hair OR Red dot on the screen. The selection will be recorded in your sight picture for a reference point to aid you when training or in a live fire situation. 


Spy Mode- select in the App to switch the glasses to motion detection. Leave hidden like a nanny cam, in a vehicle or as a trail cam. The AimCam will detect movement and capture it for a specified period, log the time/date and then sit there covertly on the look out. They will even detect through glass or a windshield of a vehicle. (We recommend turning off the Vibration notification if used as a hidden camera, turn on Time & Date stamp if require and plug into a Reloaded battery pack or larger power bank if more that 3hrs standby & recording is required from the AimCam's internal battery.) 

All AimCam Pro3K's purchased after 11th November 2022 will be pre-installed with this Feature. 

Once the update is installed the SD card can be formatted and used as standard. Bonus!