New AimCam Pro 2i
New AimCam Pro 2i
New AimCam Pro 2i
New AimCam Pro 2i
New AimCam Pro 2i
New AimCam Pro 2i
New AimCam Pro 2i
New AimCam Pro 2i
New AimCam Pro 2i
New AimCam Pro 2i
New AimCam Pro 2i
New AimCam Pro 2i
New AimCam Pro 2i
New AimCam Pro 2i
New AimCam Pro 2i
New AimCam Pro 2i
New AimCam Pro 2i
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New AimCam Pro 2i

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The AimCam Pro 2i is the same great product as the Pro 2 with some enhanced features. Your AimCam Pro 2i now includes the ability to take 12MP still photos at the touch of a button and also includes IVAS technology (intelligent vibration alert system). IVAS provides vibration feedback when operating your AimCam, the benefit of this is you no longer rely on having to look at the LED's to let you know how your AimCam is operating. IVAS provides vital feedback through a series of vibrations when powering on, start/stop recording and taking a 12MP photo. IVAS also monitors the glasses constantly and provides you with vital alerts when your SD card memory becomes full, WIFI activated or even when the battery is running low. These added features allow you to just get on with your activity and let the AimCam do the work for you.

The AimCam Pro 2i- Standard Kit includes:

  • AimCam Pro 2i in black or camo (including all standard accessories)
  • Transcend micro SD card class 10

The AimCam Pro 2i- Bundle includes:

The AimCam Pro 2i- Fully Loaded Kit includes:

The AimCam Pro 2i has a state of the art Sony Full HD 8MP CMOS micro camera which has been optimised with increased iris response and anti-bloom functions, helping you to capture perfect video when looking into challenging or rapidly changing light conditions. The Sony camera lens has a 62-degree field of view (FOV) which has been designed to replicate the human eye making objects and targets appear at the correct perspective. The camera is capable of recording 1080P Full HD at 30FPS and 720P HD at 60FPS (perfect for slow-motion analysis).

The AimCam Pro 2i is has a TR90 and glass re-enforced nylon plastic frame making it super durable in all conditions and environments. It comes with 3 pairs of high impact interchangeable 2mm thick lenses in yellow, clear and black all with a rating of Z87+/EN166F. The lenses also have side guards for extra protection from stray particles and BB pellets when playing airsoft. All three lenses are also UV400 offering 100% UV protection.

The AimCam Pro 2i has an internal WiFi chip which allows you to live-stream your point of view directly to the AimCam APP on IOS and Android mobile devices. The live stream is the perfect tool for calibrating your line of sight but also great for coaching, training or just having fun. Here is more information about the AimCam APP

The AimCam Pro 2i has an internal battery which will last between 1.5 to 2 hours depending on your settings and environmental conditions. However, you can also buy the AimCam reloaded powerpack which will give you an additional 4-5 hours+ of runtime. 

+My AimCam does not show up when connected to my PC?

Please turn your AimCam off before connecting it to your PC. If you still can not locate your AimCam please press the reset button. To locate your reset button please watch the video below.




+Can I reset my AimCams password?

Yes. Please be aware this operation has to be performed with a micro SD card in your AimCam. This operation will also format the SD card deleting all media currently store on the SD card. Before you perform this operation please safely store all the videos you wish to save on your PC, laptop or mobile device. 

To reset the password. Firstly, switch the AimCam to standby, then press and hold down the two buttons at the same time for about 10 seconds until the standby & WIFI light flashes. This has reset the password to default “12345678”. 


+ Can the AimCam camera be mounted on my existing pair of glasses?

No. The AimCam glasses frame holds all the needed electronics to operate your AimCam such as PCB, battery, microphone and WIFI transmitter.


+ What’s the difference between AimCam and other sports action Cameras?

AimCam is the only sports action camera that has been designed from the ground up to capture line of sight. The AimCam Pro 2 has a directional 8 mega Pixel microcamera that can be mounted directly above the user’s dominant eye. This can then be adjusted to compensate for any tilt or angle of the users head when aiming. Other mounted cameras only point in a single direction, only AimCam points where your eye is looking.


+ Is AimCam only for aiming sports?

No, AimCam is a fully adjustable camera system which can be manipulated to record/live stream any new adventure, your way.


+ Do you need the lenses in the glasses when wearing AimCam?

No, the Frames of the AimCam glasses are ridged and the camera system can function perfectly without the lenses in. However, all of our lenses are certified safety lenses! 


+ Does AimCam work for either left or right eye dominance?

Yes. AimCam comes with a range of clips suitable for positioning the micro-camera above either the left or right eye.


+ How long does the AimCam battery last?

If you want to use the AimCam as a training aid and Wirelessly live stream to an instructors tablet or phone then the battery will need to be recharged after approximately 1 to 1.5 hours of use. If you turn off Wi-Fi and just record then the internal battery can record, for up to 1.5 to 2 hour before you need to recharge or switch to external battery power. AimCam is capable of working while being charged at the same time. Connect to a USB Powerbank with the included micro USB cable to give your AimCam an unlimited battery life. 


+ How Long will my AimCam record for on a 32GB SD Card?

Recording time will vary according to the resolution setting used and the card capacity. Here are the average recording storage times for your AimCam camera with a 32GB SD card:

  • 1080p Full HD (30 fps): 4h 20m
  • 720p (60 fps): 4h 20

We recommend the classification of the SD card to be (Class 10 or above). Reduce the record times above to half for a 16GB memory cards. 


+ Can I just live stream my view/line of sight without having to record?

Yes, you don’t even need an SD card in your AimCam! Just switch on, Hit the WiFi button and you’re live streaming, it’s as easy as that straight out the box!


+ What is [WDR] within the app?

The wide dynamic range adjusts automatically to bright and dark areas to adjust for and help eliminate overexposure and underexposure conditions. It helps improve the overall exposure of the image and sets the camera to pick up more detail in dark areas. The settings for WDR can be controlled using the built-in OSD (on-screen display) menu in the AimCam App. [WDR] Icon 'white' is - OFF / Icon' blue' is - ON.


"As the CEO of Less Lethal Products I make certain we only carry and recommend the gold standard in Law Enforcement products. I can honestly say that AimCam is one of those products. It provides the ever vigilant extra set of eyes and ears that Law Enforcement Officers have been searching for. Being able to record in high definition with audio everything an officer's eyes see is a real game changer. Coupled with simplistic operation and easy data storage, AimCam delivers an unflinching eye that is always present by simply putting on a pair of glasses. A breath of fresh air in today's often technically over-complicated world."

Richard E. Juler (Less Lethal Products)

"The point of view filming is seriously the coolest thing ever. I've gotten a lot of feedback from shooters about how cool it is to see the same sight picture I'm actually seeing as I'm shooting. It is so legit being able to pause the video and see my sight posts lined up. So cool! I think these will be a hit in the ever growing action shooting community! They attract people like crazy. I've had more people approach me wanting to know more about this product over any other products I use in shooting!"

Dylan Ervin (USPSA Shooting Master)


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