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The glasses have their own WiFi source for connection anywhere! No data or cell connection is needed. Just download the AimCam Pro App for free and follow the on screen instructions. Its that easy!

pro app

Designed for effortless connection and loaded with features just you.

Live-stream your view directly to your mobile device in real time.

Easily Calibrate your AimCam for each individual activity, firearm, mount, stance and unique line of sight.
Huge range of features include :- *slow-motion replay *instant preview *edit/trim & share *vibration controls *set-up crosshairs *exposure settings *video settings *remote control *export, save and share your videos and pics on all major social platforms * on screen display

AimCam is a powerful coaching/teaching aid, your phone shows what the student sees and you can take control of the AimCam from your mobile device.

Download the Pro-App to your IOS and Android device by searching for "AimCam" in your App Store or Google Play Store.

New Feature from - Nov 2022
"Aim Sight"

Select in the App to embed a Red Cross hair OR Red dot on the screen. The selection will be recorded in your sight picture for a reference aim point to aid you when training or in a live fire situation.


New Feature from - Nov 2022
"Spy Mode"

Select in the App to switch the glasses to motion detection. Leave hidden like a nanny cam, in a vehicle or as a trail cam. The AimCam will detect movement and capture it for a specified period, log the time/date and then sit there covertly on the look out. They will even detect through glass or a windshield of a vehicle. (We recommend turning off the Vibration notification if used as a hidden camera, turn on Time & Date stamp if require and plug into a Reloaded battery pack or larger power bank if more that 3hrs standby & recording is required from the AimCam's internal battery.)


New Feature from - Jan 2022
"Live Video Preview"

No longer is it necessary to wait for your videos to download before previewing.



Use the setup crosshair feature to perfectly align your AimCam camera.


Time and date stamp

Turn on and off a time and date stamp in App settings.


PRO 2i

1080P Fully Adjustable Camera Glasses


3K Fully Adjustable Camera Glasses


3K Waterproof Camera Glasses