• -IP66 Water Resistant Camera Glasses

    -2160P 4K UHD Video at 24FPS

    -1080P full HD at 60FPS

    -720P HD at 120FPS

    -70 Degree Camera Angle

    -One Button Control for effortless usability

    -Impact Resistant Polarized Lenses Ideal For Fishing

    -All Lenses Offer 100% UV protection

    -Built-in vibration feedback controls

    -Rechargeable battery, up to 1.5 hours of record time

    -Works whilst charging via external powerpack

    -Manufactured from highly durable TR90 plastic

    -Records awesome audio

    -64GB Built-In Memory


  • We are proud to announce the launch of the AimCam Strike! The world’s first IP66 fully waterproof, 4K UHD video camera glasses - The latest and most advanced camera glasses we’ve ever made are now available to buy exclusively from AimCam.

    Where the AimCam “Pro” range is made for shooting sports, and feature our fully adjustable camera for super-precise aiming down the sights of your firearm or bow, we designed the AimCam Strike for lovers of adventure sports who want to effortlessly capture ANY activity - on land or water - from their point of view.

    With the AimCam Strike, we have positioned the camera in the centre of your brow so wherever you are looking you are filming. AimCam Strike has simple one-button control and internal memory making it our simplest camera to operate yet!

    The AimCam Strike's IP66 rating and interchangeable polarized lenses make it the perfect camera for any outdoor adventure such as fishing, hiking, mounting climbing or anything you can dream of! Like all AimCam products we can produce prescription lenses to fit and of course, Strike comes with our full 12-month warranty and service.

    No longer do you need have a bulky unattractive camera strapped to the top of your head. The AimCam Strike's stylish and durable design means you can film amazing videos without looking or feeling like a d*ck. See it your way!

  • The Standard Kit includes:

    -AimCam Pro 2i in black or camo (including all standard accessories)

    -16GB Transcend micro SD card class 10

    The Fully Loaded Kit includes:

    -AimCam Pro 2i in black or camo (including all standard accessories)

    -AimCam reloaded powerpack

    -AimCam tactical coil cable

    -AimCam protective hardcase

    -32GB micro SD card class 10

  • If you require corrective lenses for your AimCam we offer RX/prescription mounts which have been designed to clip behind your AimCam's polycarbonate lenses. You have the following two options for prescription lenses.

    Blank Mount:

    We provide you with a blank RX/prescription mount. You can take this mount to your optometrist and have them fit your required prescription. *Please note our mounts will only support single vision lenses.

    Mount and Lenses:

    We provide your RX/prescription mount with your required prescription. *Please note our mounts will only support single vision lenses.

    We can only manufacture up to a +/-4 prescriptions. Provide your required prescription at the checkout or email this to once your order has been completed.

    It is not essential but we highly recommend you also provide your PD (Pupillary Distance) with the prescription.

    Your lenses will then be manufactured in the UK and delivered directly to your door in around 7-14 working days. *Prescription mounts with custom lenses are none refundable.

RX Mount

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