Your AimCam has a built-in WiFi chip which allows you to connect your AimCam to any IOS or Android mobile device which is within range, your WiFi signal will range up to 50M depending on your suroundings. Once you are connected to the AimCam APP you can live-stream your view from the AimCam micro camera directly to your mobile device in real time.

Use the live-stream feature to calibrate your AimCam for each individual activity, firearm, mount, stance and individual line of sight. You can also use the live-stream feature as the perfect coaching aid, no more looking over your student's shoulder. Simply connect to the AimCam APP and see how your student sees.

The AimCam APP has a huge range of features such as slow-motion replay, wide dynamic range, exposure setting, control video settings and more.

You can download our AimCam App to your wireless enabled device by clicking the appropriate link below or by searching for "AimCam" in your App Store or Google Play.