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Bringing AimCam to Airsoft

My name is Troy MacMullin,

I have been airsofting for, well a decade now, (I just made myself feel old), and I've always been looking for a way to bring a new method of video capturing to an already almost saturated market of Go Pro, Scope Cams, etc. The common thing I have always found is that Go Pro's will cost you an arm, a leg, half your car, and quite possibly some other appendiges. Then I found AimCam, a moderately priced, ballistic rated glasses that the real steel big boys are wearing recording their days flinging lead down range. So I thought to myself, this seems like a product I could get behind, so I bought a pair of the Aimcam 2i's started learning about it without the instruction manual...



As a result of the Pandemic with a 99.9% chance of survival rate, large airsoft games were dialed back, but before the summer was out and the COVID numbers "sky rocketed" I got a good video put together, and I am hoping for more next year, as well as getting the team I affiliate with into the brand as well. This is just a starting point for me. As a seasoned, well known player, I plan on getting a lot more Aimcam footage from the airsoft community in general.